Carolina Crab Brewing Company Mascot Logo


The Carolina Crab Brewing Company wanted to create a fun mascot to accompany its corporate logo. In addition to the brewery and taproom, they plan to build an outdoor event venue with attractions for people of all ages. Carolina Crab Brewing Company wanted the mascot to reflect its all-inclusive vision and make a friendly, welcoming and fun impression.

The were a couple of other specifications:

  • The crab needed to be holding two beer mugs with the company’s initials
  • The crab needed to have a big red beard, based off of the brew master’s signature look.

We started with research, primarily to develop ideas for the shape of the character. After that, the design process began and we developed the shape of the shell, legs and claws. Throughout the process we continuously tinkered with the colors, textures and shape of the crab’s features. From getting the expression just right, to taming the scruffy beard, we took our time getting the details right.

With that, the Carolina Crab Brewing Company’s Crab was born. The company revealed the mascot at its groundbreaking near Southport, N.C. in January 2022.