Beware a Design with No Plan

by Frank L. Williams

In the early- to mid-2000s, I was approached by a soon-to-be entrepreneur who wanted a marketing communication plan for his new business. When we came to terms, he had already engaged a designer to create his website, but they had not yet started work.

I advised this aspiring entrepreneur to hit the pause button on the website until we completed his marketing communication strategy. Because he was absolutely convinced that he needed to launch his website as soon as possible, he ignored my counsel and plowed forward on a design with no plan.

His website was completed around the same time we finished his strategy. It was sharp and visually appealing, but it lacked the functionality it needed to achieve his business and marketing goals – functionalities that were clearly identified during the strategic planning process.

Sadly, the business venture was short-lived. The client didn’t have the patience to do it right the first time, and then didn’t have the resources required to re-do it.

Your organization’s website is a strategic marketing and communication tool. As with any other tool, it should support public relations and marketing goals that advance your larger business strategy.

Before investing in a new website, you should invest the time to clearly define the business and communication goals your website should support and identify the messaging, features, and functionality needed to achieve those goals. A design without a plan is likely a costly exercise in futility.

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Frank L. Williams

Frank is the founder and president of Pioneer Strategies.