Pioneer Strategies plans successful statewide conference for N.C. Alliance for Public Charter Schools

CONCORD, N.C. – Pioneer Strategies planned the N.C. Alliance for Public Charter Schools’ third annual conference, which was held July 22-24 at the Concord Convention Center.  The conference attracted over 200 attendees from all across North Carolina as well as several hundred job fair participants and featured an all-star lineup of speakers.

“Pioneer Strategies did an excellent job of putting together a top-notch conference in a very short amount of time,” says Paul Norcross, past chairman the Alliance’s board of directors.  “When we engaged them earlier this year, they jumped in head-first and planned a conference that was well-organized, professionally run, provided value to the charter school leaders who attended and will serve as a launching pad for the Alliance’s future success.”

“Pioneer Strategies’ team worked to make the facilities and meals mesh seamlessly with our Alliance board members and volunteers who pulled together the program, which consisted of nearly fifty presentations and guest speakers,” added Baker Mitchell, Alliance secretary.  “Scheduling the hundreds of components of such a conference can be challenging, but everything went off flawlessly.”

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